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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Process

  • Identify the source of the Mold
  • Correct or repair the source of the moisture intrusion
  • Conduct a Mold assessment
  • Design a remediation strategy
  • Install containments and install HEPA air filtration machinery
  • Appropriate respiratory protection & protective suits
  • Properly remediate and dispose of Mold affected materials
  • Clean and sanitize the work environment
  • Post Remediation testing
  • Provide closeout documentation.

Mold - What Is It?

Mold occurs when water intrusion for high humidity allows for growth to occur. When disturbed and not properly contained, mold spores can enter the air and make it for an unhealthy situation. The elderly, children and individuals to have a weakened immune system are most at risk.

Mold is present all around us. You Can via found naturally in and outdoor environments. Unfortunately, some mold species are more prone to serious health effects than other types of species.

It is important to have a professional assess what type of mold as well as identifying the source of the problem. A plan of action is a great way to begin the remediation of the project and ensure that it does not reoccur.