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Lead Removal

Lead-Based Paint Hazard

Lead Paint in your home or business can be a serious issue. Older facilities should be treated cautiously as Lead based paint was used up until 1978. Should paint be in poor condition due to it cracking, peeling or deterioration, it releases particles that can cause serious and long-lasting health problems.

Lead based paint removal requires special knowledge of federal laws regarding the proper removal and disposal. It is important to have a professional assess Lead paint. A plan of action is a proper way to remove the hazard and ensure that yours and our technician safety is of strong concern.

Professional Removal Services

Most any and all remodeling of structures built before 1978 can and most likely will result in some form of Lead paint disturbance which can cause toxic contamination of the dwelling. There are many environmental laws and regulations governing Lead paint work practices. Lead has become similar to Asbestos in that you must be trained and licensed to perform the work and removal. Recently a national home improvement giant was fined half a million dollars for not complying with these new requirements. Homeowners, carpenters and contractors alike have also faced stiff penalties. ECI knows the requirements of permitting and performing Lead stabilization and abatement. Knowing that we are making buildings and their residences safer is extremely rewarding work.

Removal Process

Set up work area.

Sealed containment and ventilated area with HEPA Machine.

Encapsulate affected areas.

Removal of lead-based paint.

Safety seal and dispose of the removed toxin.


Reducing Your Risk

There are simple steps that can be taken to reduce exposure to lead:

Ensure that your children have a nutritious diet strong in iron and calcium. This will reduce the amount of lead their body takes in.

  • Keep children from chewing on window sills or other painted surfaces.

  • Wash children’s hands often throughout the day, especially before meals and bedtime.

  • Wash bottles, pacifiers, toys, and stuffed animals regularly.

  • Clean-up paint chips immediately.

  • Notify your landlord of peeling or chipping paint.

  • Clean floors, window frames, window sills, and other surfaces weekly using warm water and a general all-purpose cleaner. Never mix ammonia and bleach as they can form a dangerous gas.

  • Clean or remove shoes before entering your home to avoid tracking in lead from soil.

  • Bath pets on a regular basis to reduce the amount of dirt they bring in from the outside.